We are still alive …

We are still alive and kicking …

We are still creating the best CAD app we can!


So what have we been doing since our last update? The answer is a lot and not enough, if that makes any sense.

We have continued the development of CADO to the point where we are now 90% complete in terms of functionality and user interface. The danger of working within a closed development team is that the goalpost can move and it is sometimes easy to aspire to ‘do all things all of the time perfectly’. That I think is a fools quest, we are more along the lines of ‘select what you want to do and do that as best you can’ – now that is something we can work with.

At our current rate of progress we hope to be at a beta testing phase within the next 3 months. Allowing another 3 months for testing and refinement would put us at public release circa October 2015. Our internal goal is launch in 2015 – that is what we are aiming for!

I know it has been a long wait, and trust us we are acutely aware people are waiting – we get messages almost daily asking us when CADO will be released. Please keep them coming as it keeps us motivated and inspired to keep developing CADO.

We have also made new friends in the last 4 months! Starting this project we didn’t give any thought to the industry we were entering, the individuals and influencers. It is fair to say we have not made a very big noise about what we are doing (just yet) however the professional CAD industry has been a very pleasant surprise. We have had nothing but support and words of encouragement from people and companies you may have thought to be our competitors at first glance.

There does seem to be a general consensus that CAD as we know it is ready for a change, people can almost feel it coming. With the touch and gesture interface world we live in, people up-skilling themselves and feeling more confident to take on their own drafting projects and enabling technology like 3D home printers and tablets – we are aiming to break down the price and complexity barriers of entry to CAD – CAD for everyone!

Anyway, back to the present time, we are definitely cracking on and will be releasing more updates in the near future so stay tuned and stay with us. We will not let you down!

Oh and the determined squirrel didn’t say that, Sir Winston Churchill did.


  1. Ron Cooper says: (April 18, 2015)

    I am only sorry I cannot help you financially, but I will be one of the first to purchase the product when released. Keep up the good work, I am sure it will pay off in the long term. “You have to speculate to accumulate”.

  2. Chuck Fellows says: (May 13, 2015)

    Looking forward to playing around with CADO. Any chance of getting in on the Beta? I’m not an expert on any other systems, but have dabbled with Solid Works, Inventor, FreeCad, Onshape, and Draftsight. My goto 3D modeling software is Geomagic Design, formerly Alibre. I own a license and know my way around it pretty well. I’m a model engineering hobbyist, designing and building model engines. For 2D engineering drawings, which is what I spend most of my time with, I’ve been using Visio (I know, hard to believe). But once you learn it, it’s really pretty powerful for 2D drawings. I also use CorelDraw Designer which was originally developed by Micrografx. I think it was better before Corel bought it which is why I switched to Visio.

    For the IPad, I’ve just started looking iDesign for 2D and AutoQ3D for 3D modeling.

    Thanks… Chuck (retired)

  3. Nick Walford-Smith says: (August 30, 2015)

    Glad to hear you are making great progress. Can’t wait to get this app. Am even trying to hold off on replacing my failing MacBook because I’d much prefer to do ALL my CAD on an iPad.
    All power to you.

  4. Michael C. Pruitt says: (September 8, 2015)

    I first learned about CADO when my iPad was fairly new. When you finally do get it released is there a danger that it will have progressed beyond my iPad’s capabilities? I have the iPad 3.

    Still waiting!

  5. Beta tester says: (September 9, 2015)


    If jou need an Interior Architect to give you feedback ont this app then i would love to Bé a beta tester

    With kind regards Judge Lee Chambliss

  6. Matthew Smedley says: (September 27, 2015)

    Just been looking for a good cad app for the iPad and came across yours, just a pity it’s not out yet because I needed one for a personal project. I’ve downloaded biicado pro, it’s fairly good but it’s not been updated for a while. Looking forward to yours as the user interface looks a lot more intuitive. Hope you finish it for 2015 guys :-)

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