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We have been a bit quiet of late at Orange Juice Studios; however I wouldn’t mistake that for complacency. Exactly the opposite actually, we have been very busy getting cado for release. Unfortunately as you will have seen our proposed launch in the 2nd quarter of 2013 has unfortunately slipped. We know there are people waiting for this app to be available and we can only apologise for the slight delay but our intentions are honourable ……


… and we are determined not to reinvent the wheel (unnecessarily) – we are just improving on it. Promise!


So it’s about that time again when I think you good folks could do with an update on cado.  We have been tying up a few loose ends on the coding and design front – the process of which never seems to end when seeking perfection. The latest addition to the greatest cad application (well we think so) is Blocks! That’s right; cado can import, export, explode and make blocks!

Building blocks

No, not those blocks!


Ok, so those of you who have been keeping up to date with the development of cado may know that we at OJ Studios are what you would call ‘geeks’ at heart. If it’s a challenge we want to see if it can be done. Our business plan should have a ‘geekness’ row to allow for these tests and challenges we take on.

Following one of our 4 hour Skype calls, the Hat had a great suggestion – that we should show you fine people what exactly we are busy with and what cado is able to do…. because it is pretty awesome what we have got this little tablet to do.  So tried different drawings that demonstrated just how good cado is, presenting blocks, layers and detailed geometry perfectly. These are a few snap shots of what are currently testing cado with.

John Mills test

John Mills test dxf (size 4.1MB)


Warning – personal rant impending! Why is moving home so painful? It’s not the unavoidable back breaking labour that’s involved, that is to be expected. No, it’s the painful admin that follows… changing your contact address to everybody under the sun and finding out there is an ‘admin fee’ for changing my address. Finding out it will take over a month to get my internet connected…. Why does need to take a month for somebody to flick a switch somewhere? Sorry – I had to get that off my chest.

the big switch

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