Life after Kickstarter …

… is an interesting place. To give some insight into this it would probably be useful to start with the rollercoaster ride that is life before Kickstarter!

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The build up to a campaign is unbelievably busy; time spent on creating the campaign page, rewards, promo video and marketing campaign is incredible, whilst still ensuring development continues. Be under no illusion it is a massive undertaking and the thought of actually ‘going live’ can be daunting.

The questions you inevitably ask yourself are;

“What if the world does not like our idea?”

“What if everybody thinks its ridiculous?”

“Will I go down in Kickstarter history notoriously or famously?”

All of this is entirely nerve wracking and doesn’t let up through the campaign itself. With this high level of activity, the lull after the campaign can be slightly intoxicating. Our campaign was unfortunately unsuccessfully but it did afford us a level of marketing exposure and publicity that we had not had before.

So we now find ourselves in a uniquely fortunate position to be able to continue doing what we love, that is to continue developing CADO, whilst engaging with those interested parties that contacted us during our Kickstarter campaign

With the stress of the campaign a memory we did eventually come to realise that Kickstarter is a not a validation exercise. This is rather more about identifying the correct price point for the product and the feature set the users are looking for. We are really excited about this new phase of the project and will update you shortly on our short and medium term programme to general release of CADO.

So whilst our Kickstarter campaign target was not reached, we can report that we consider our experience was most certainly successful and we are steaming ahead with CADO. Watch this space.


  1. Pedro Fardilha says: (April 30, 2014)

    Great to know that CADO developing is still going strong!

  2. cody hendrick says: (May 6, 2014)

    It’s unfortunate the kickstarter did not go well, but I am glad it was a positive learning experience. Best of luck on the remaining development. What your team is doing is extremely groundbreaking and should change the way in which we design, from the manufacturing floor to the job site to the home or during travel. I am tempted to buy an iPad just for this app (currently using Windows Surface 2). In the meantime I am patiently waiting for your powerful on-the-go CAD software. Best of luck! Cheers!

    Cody Hendrick
    Columbia, SC USA

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