Dimension editing, solar systems, big switches and personal rants!

Warning – personal rant impending! Why is moving home so painful? It’s not the unavoidable back breaking labour that’s involved, that is to be expected. No, it’s the painful admin that follows… changing your contact address to everybody under the sun and finding out there is an ‘admin fee’ for changing my address. Finding out it will take over a month to get my internet connected…. Why does need to take a month for somebody to flick a switch somewhere? Sorry – I had to get that off my chest.

the big switch

Thankfully not everything is painful for me at the moment, cado is really moving forward at pace. It may be the excitement of seeing a fully functional app but there is a definitely a buzz at Orange Juice Studios. It is all becoming very real now, with many great publications and magazines talking about cado and how drawing on the tablet devices will be entering a more mature phase in the near future.

Dimension editing…. We have it! It is such a great thing to be able to draw quickly and then tap on a dimension to edit it and continue drawing with the app knowing what you want to do. The beauty of cado is the OMouse but also deciding when it is better to use the traditional fat finger. After all, the touchscreen is a very intuitive device and it immediately apparent as soon as you use the app when something requires the accuracy of the OMouse or the finger.

What else… oh just a small thing that the Hat has pulled out of his …err you know what I mean. It’s a trade secret and I am sworn not to say, but it now means you can draw some pretty big stuff on the app. How big you ask? Is the solar system large enough? Ok I can hear you saying; ‘it is not the size but amount of data …. ‘Yes you are correct but that’s a lot of data in the solar system CAD file. Trust us.

Funny enough it’s not the technical bits that take the longest in developing cado, nor is it the testing of functionality which usually always works straight of the bat. It is actually once you have cado in your hands, does it work the way you expect it to? Does it feel right? Does it make sense and seem logical in the way people normally draw? That is the most important part for us and we are working hard to make sure cado is what you expect of it. This may sound like the easy bit, but actually selecting what the default drawing method for a circle, line or arc is a subjective thing. What is the sensible thing to do after drawing a line? Is it to draw another line or edit the line before drawing the next? It is these sorts of decisions that we end up discussing for hours or days even. It is all worth it in the end – we hope you agree.

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