Geeking out in Barcelona

6 months since the last post … what are we playing at? Wow, so let me fill you guys and gals in what we have been busy with. Wait, before I do that let me explain why this project has taken so much longer than we anticipated. I think we owe you that.

When we first started this, people were sceptical we could bring even the basic CAD to a tablet device that we looked at this as a proof of concept and managed our expectations accordingly. Well we can absolutely assure you that we are way past proof of concept and given the engine and interface is working so well, we have been adding layers of functionality and complexity we initially thought was not possible.

So we are slightly victims of our own success but we are very conscious you good folk have been waiting far too long and we need to get CADO into your hands. It can be slightly addictive continually refining bits and pieces of the app, which can sometimes take us off course.

However we are back on course and happy to report we have pretty much sorted the file system, which was far more complicated than we originally thought. Building an import, export, email, load, save, save as; in different file formats locally, dropbox and email … phew!

You may also recall we have had blocks working in the app for a while, however, we have now advanced blocks even further with block editing now possible. Even harder to get your head around thinking about blocks in blocks and editing those! Eeek!

The graphics and interface has also moved on, we noticed how much more polished the app has been and the added refinement we have injected into it. So things like a splash screen now make an appearance in the app and it looks the business!

Lastly, we have started making friends in the CAD world and were invited to present at the Bricsys conference in Barcelona in October. It was an awesome event and such a great opportunity to talk to the thought leaders in the industry and geek out about CAD. Loads of interest in the possibility of APIs and SDKs….. the subject of another blog I think!

To end this blog we want to assure you we are still working, developing the best CAD app for the tablet and hope to issue some good news about a release very soon. Lastly, the Orange Juice team would like to wish you and your loved ones Seasons Greetings and very Happy New Year. We will see you bright eyed and bushy tailed in 2015.


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