BYOD and MDM but do not forget about the other BYOD….


….. eh??? 

Ok, so it seems that 2013 is the year of BYOD, are you still not with me? Bring Your Own Device (to work) seems like a great way to reduce overheads for the employer, increase effectiveness of the employee and engender a more open way of working, right? I wanted to have a closer look at this.

Firstly, BYOD is an important factor for us to consider because as we develop cado we are conscious that a fair chunk of our target users are the professionals and professionals tend to work either in or part of a professional organisation… that’s what makes them professional!! We believe that either the organisation itself would want to deploy cado to its professional users (if they already have iPads in their company), or the individuals themselves will want to use cado on their own device in the workplace.

Assuming the latter happens first, along with cado there will be many reasons why a user will take their own device to the workplace; this could range from having their personal files with them, their own operating system or programs or simply reducing the amount of tech have to manage – however the main bugbear with this for the company seems to be maintaining IT security, especially due to threats posed by malicious malware or simply losing the device. Enter stage right, MDM, or Mobile Device Management for us BYOD newbies.

So MDM seems to the panacea that UK PLC IT appears to have been waiting for because it manages the security of the device and enables a ‘wipe out’ function of data if the device is lost or compromised, however there seems to be a few misgivings about MDM from the users themselves. Rumours of MDM being able to read private content on the device and using the location enabling tool to track the device along with personal data being lost seem to be unfounded, or so say the developers of popular MDM software.

Either way we feel that BYOD, as silly at the acronym sounds, is something that will only increase just because it makes sense. Given the plethora of devices and platforms available, it seems a logical step to allow employees to use a device of their own choice and simply employ a management software platform that is open to different platforms…. After all – it’s only a ‘password’ and a ‘delete information’ function that’s basically required to maintain the security needed.

We think this is a big topic and would love to hear your thoughts on this, particularly from the CAD users looking to use cado – do you take your tablet to the workplace or have they been deployed in the business? Would you feel happy interfacing your own device with the company network and what do you think of the potential security issues?

As always, great to hear from you guys and gals, the messages we receive really keep us motivated and really excited about the impending launch. Keep it coming and we promise to keep on working as hard as we can to launch the best cad app ever (well we think so!) …

Oh, and the other BYOD? In times gone by I would have thought that meant Bring Your Own Drinks! Could make for interesting office culture!


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